Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The real truth about the EE.UU

Too Dumb for New York City and too ugly for L.A.

You know… I been hearin’ a lot about dreams this past while. ‘Bout second chances an’ such, an’ what folks expect from this place an’ the hopes they invest in it.
An’ I do know this is a great, great country, even if sometimes its future lies in the hands of fools—
But I worry it might not stand the weight of all them goddamn dreams.

Well yore concern is touchin’, mighty touchin’…
Damn, lookit that…
But thiz here’s the greates’ an fines’ country ever was or will be, yessir.
Ain’t no needa be afraid for her.
Juz’ cause she openza gates to th’ stars, that don’ mean ever’man steps through emz gonna climb that high. All ‘merica does is show th’ way.
Whole pointa thiz country, ‘cept most folks ‘re too blinda see it.


All Hell’s A-coming.

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