Sunday, January 24, 2010

Quick update

A lot has happened since I last posted anything here. Partially because I´ve been engulfed in the turmoil that comes with moving back to my home, and mostly because going back home means going back to the dark ages. Going to Carmelo it´s like going back to 1992, a time without cell phones and no internet. How is this possible in this day and age you might be thingking?

Very simple, my house is very poor, they barely have a TV, so there you go.

I was finally able to start working on the second issue of HTSWR, and that it´s taking shape pretty fast, it should be out in february, but I don´t know. Certainly I will do my best to get it out soon.

As I write this I´m in Buenos Aires, Argentina, spending the weekend with my father and my brothers, after seeing Metallica in River with my Heavy Metal sister. Some pictures might get to facebook or the flickr page, and maybe I will start a section about travel and comic book stores around the world, but we´ll have to wait and see how that one pans out.

I see that people seem to be sort of reluctant to leave comments, but I will encourage you all to leave some, this is meant to be something more than just a self indulgent monologue. I will sign out now leaving you with the same promise I always make...

More to come.

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