Sunday, July 29, 2012

On Being Elmo

I finally got to watch this documentary about the puppeeter behind Elmo. I grew up watching The Muppet show and I still love them to this day. I´ve seen a few documentaries about the life and work of the late Jim Henson, but this one offers a new point of view. I really like it, if you love The Muppets and Sesame Street do yourself a favor and watch this movie. You´re welcome.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hi there!

Esto es un pequeñito aporte a un blog que sin duda ha caído víctima de mis horarios, compromisos y por qué no, como todo hijo, ha sido desplazado por su hermano menor. Desde luego hablo del también excelente blog Creando Comics: Un viaje por la narrativa visual, proyecto que come casi todo mi tiempo libre, tanto así que cuando tengo algún tiempito me ocupo de él en lugar de sentarme a dibujar un poco.

Por ello es que para tapar agujeros vengo a ofrecerles dos bocetitos que he podido mechar en estos últimos días.

Algo nuevo se está cocinando, pero aún va a llevar un tiempo. No se olviden de visitar ocasionalmente y en todo caso avisarle a algún amigo al que le guste la historieta o de dejar un comentario en cualquiera de las entradas.

Tom Hardy as BANE, from The Dark Knight Rises.

El amor de mí amor es mi segundo amor.
This is just a tiny addition in a blog that without any doubt has fallen victim of my schedule, prior engagements and why not, like every son, has been displaced in favor of his younger sibling. I´m talking of course about the also excellent blog about comic book artists “Creando Comics…(Making comics: a journey through visual narrative)”, another project of mine that has been eating almost every single minute off I might have, so much so that whenever I have a small opening I take care of it instead of sitting down to draw.

That´s why I give you two small sketches I´ve been able to do in the last few days, sort of to fill in the gap I guess.

Something new is brewing in the kitchen, but it might take a while. Don´t forget to visit every now and then and maybe even give a heads up to a friend who enjoys comic books, you might even leave a comment in any of the many entries I have for you.

Cuídense, nos vemos en la vuelta.
Take care, I´ll see you ´round.