Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something I´m watching (or about to)

Let´s start with a brief disclaimer. I´ve never been such a big fan of David Finch. I´ve always thought that his style was ok. I mean, I can go for his baroque and sometimes over charged art, but he certainly doesn´t Rank in my top 10 of favorite artists, not even close. But if the guy can draw something like this, he´s ok in my book.

I´ve known his work since de Image days, going later to be milked away and thrown to super massive stardom at Marvel to his current affair with DC. He´s always been working on top characters and attracting a lot of people in conventions. The lines at his table were always huge, but so were the ones at Rob Liefeld´s.

Anyway, I came across a series of instructional dvds made by him and some other Image guys. Now, one thing I do love it´s the process of making comics and seeing other artists do their craft. That to me it´s some sort of nerd porn.
So after this brief intro here´s a rundown on the titles I found:

Dynamic figure drawing: the body with David Finch:
This is just one of many dvds he has made with the people at Gnomon Workshop. There are three more that I know of but this was the only one I could find with the links working. Here he show us how to draw the body accurately. It´s NOT and anatomy lesson, he just talks about the process of creating the figure and the methods he used to learn about the human body. It´s almost three hours long and it can get a Little boring from time to time, but it´s great to see what this guy can do. Not bad for a lefty.

Comic book inking with Joe Weems:
This one is a follow up to another one made as a team with Finch and colorist Steve Firchow. Finch draws a picture, Weems ink it and finally Firchow colors it. This one is particularly good for aspiring inkers, Weems shows you the whole process and mind set he has to tackle such a piece. He shows you techniques and instruments to use while he talks about his experience in the field.

Comic book Pin-ups with Joe Benitez:
Benitez it´s now making a creator owned book called “Lady Mechanika” at Aspen, so that´s what drove me to get this one also. To be fair I haven´t watched it yet, but from what I can gather he expleains what to keep in mind when doing a pin-up illustration. Y´know, how to use the space, be dramatic and stuff.

All in all they seem to be very interesting for the comic book artist. Since I don´t have anyone near to talk about comics with this comes as the next best thing.

Now let´s see if I can find the one about inking from Tom Nguyen.

P.s: We are getting close to the blog´s second birthday, so I´m trying to work on something to celebrate. I also notice that the number of visits keeps increasing, but it still is the land of no comments. Will it kill someone to drop a line or two?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

piece of mind

7:15 am. National holiday, I´m working and destiling some poison in comic book form. Just tonite I discovered the work of Faith Erin Hicks and got floored by it.
All my demons are taking over. I need to write a few pieces for here and for school but I just feel I don´t have the time nor the will to do it.


Monday, August 22, 2011

More posts are a comin´


I´ve always loved Joe´s art, dating back to the days of SWORD OF AZRAEL or ASH. I have a folder with a gazillion images from him all the way from sketches, concept images, pencils, inks, complete pages and illustrations. When I saw this article about the complete process behind the creation of this cover I was just so happy that I thought that for some reason it was my duty to help spread the work of the good man.

You can find this on multiple sites, but I took it from BLEEDING COOL, so if you want to read it from there just go HERE.

For the ones like me, the ones who like to keep stuff and maybe print it to read them in the crapper I made a PDF version that you can get from HERE.

I´m heart broken because in Uruguay there´s no way to get his book with his art for Marvel comics and I can´t even find it scanned online. In the meantime this makes for some very interesting reading for anyone who makes comics (and reads English).

God how much I miss the simplicity of living in the US, whenever I wanted a book all I had to do was to go to some Borders or Barnes & Noble and buy it at once. Not to mention when I worked @ Midtown Comics and I didn´t even had to move to get them, even with my employee discount to make things sweeter.

My advice: If you are ME and live in the US, NEVER go back to Uruguay.
In the Meantime enjoy this article.

Sad Lisandro signing out.
More to come.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Estas "cosas" o éstas "preguntas que a lo mejor se hace una persona de 34 años" no son otra cosa que cosas que pasan por la cabeza de ésta persona cuando está aburrida, deprimida o a punto de dormirse. Incluso pueden ser las tres a la misma vez.

La repetición de los escenarios es intencional, ya que son los dos eventos que mejor ilustran mi punto: o aburrido en alguno de mis trabajos o justo antes de dormir. La cosa es que éstas son cosas que se me pasan por el mate más de una vez. En una de esas sirven para entretener a alguien.

Salú turros de balvanera!