Monday, August 22, 2011

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I´ve always loved Joe´s art, dating back to the days of SWORD OF AZRAEL or ASH. I have a folder with a gazillion images from him all the way from sketches, concept images, pencils, inks, complete pages and illustrations. When I saw this article about the complete process behind the creation of this cover I was just so happy that I thought that for some reason it was my duty to help spread the work of the good man.

You can find this on multiple sites, but I took it from BLEEDING COOL, so if you want to read it from there just go HERE.

For the ones like me, the ones who like to keep stuff and maybe print it to read them in the crapper I made a PDF version that you can get from HERE.

I´m heart broken because in Uruguay there´s no way to get his book with his art for Marvel comics and I can´t even find it scanned online. In the meantime this makes for some very interesting reading for anyone who makes comics (and reads English).

God how much I miss the simplicity of living in the US, whenever I wanted a book all I had to do was to go to some Borders or Barnes & Noble and buy it at once. Not to mention when I worked @ Midtown Comics and I didn´t even had to move to get them, even with my employee discount to make things sweeter.

My advice: If you are ME and live in the US, NEVER go back to Uruguay.
In the Meantime enjoy this article.

Sad Lisandro signing out.
More to come.

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