Friday, January 1, 2010

Lisandro's manga adventure

Back story: This one came about after going to a Japanese book store. For many years now I’ve been fascinated by Nippon culture, and I’m not talking about manga, I’m talking about everything else, including their women. Enter the beautiful Keiko, a pretty girl who worked at the register. I was so smitten that I kept coming back, but being the coward I am, I never talked to her. So it is fair to say that this is an interpretation of how that conversation went in my head. It’s all in Japanese and reads in Japanese way (from right to left), so go get yourself a translator and enjoy it. The store is in 41st between 5th and Madison, in the always awesome NYC, maybe you can go and check it yourself.

Also, first post of the new year, have a great 2010.

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Mariana Fossatti said...

Cuando veo una peli japonesa, china o coreana nunca sé si me fascina porque no la entiendo o si ellos pueden hacer cosas que en un occidental se verían cursis o patéticas.