Thursday, October 13, 2011

NEW YORK COMIC-CON 2011 is here!!

And for the second year in a row so are 3 GUYS MAKING COMICS!
I promised before, and because I´m a man of my word here you have the covers for our brand new book:

Just like last year you´ll be able to grab a copy of our newest issue of HOW TO SURVIVE WORKING IN RETAIL (in this case #7) along with all the previous ones.

Look for our booth and make sure to stop by and say hi to Ronnie and Markell, they are going to be more than pleased to sell and sign the books for you.

Let me remind you that the SKETCH VARIANT will be available ONLY during the show, from then on you´ll get the book with the regular cover.

Enjoy the CON, I´ll see you soon!

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