Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stores around the world #2

Midtown comics – New York City, USA.
200 W 40th street (corner of 7th avenue). Manhattan.

What can I say about this place?

I used to work here. ‘Nuff said.

They have two locations in NY, Times Square (my store) and Grand Central, near GC station. They also have a massive store online @

Arguably the best store I’ve ever known. They have everything, toys, statues, back issues, new stuff, huge selection of trades, apparel, novels, adult stuff, DVD’s, I don’t know, you name it, they have it. Plus, they carry ‘How to survive working in retail’, so make sure to stop by and buy a copy.

The attention is very friendly with a wide staff, that way if you ask something to someone and that person it’s not very into that he or she can point you towards someone who does. I love these guys, we spent hours and hours talking about comics, movies and the corruption of the world during both, working hours and lunch time.

The Times Square store it’s bigger in size than the one at Grand Central, they have two huge floors, one with all the new stuff and the trades and another one with most of the back issues, toys and statues so there is room for them to have something that you might be looking and GC might not have at the moment. If this happens just make sure to ask a staff member and he can call the other store has it, they love doing this and will offer it to you in a heartbeat.

Prices are standard for American stores, but they also offer a free membership that works as a reward program. For every hundred bucks you spend in book they will give you 20 bucks in store credit on your next purchase. Be aware, this only applies in books, no collectibles or apparel, just ask about it at the registers when checking out.

They also have signings with many creators all the time, just check the web site for updates on signings and possible sales.

If you are wandering the big apple and don’t stop here you will regret it, also, when you are there make sure to go to the 3rd floor and say hi to my main man Bronko for me.

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Igualita que las tiendas de aca. :)