Thursday, March 4, 2010

Travelling without moving...

Stores around the world.

Here’s a little something that I’ve been cooking for a while now. In my days of Globe trekking one of my main concerns when arriving to a new country was this one of finding a comic book store. This magical place where you go to get your fix, looking for that missing issue that has been killing your collection forever or to get a new and rare copy of any book in a foreign language. We all know how tedious it is to go somewhere and have no clue of the whereabouts of such places.

This was the mentality behind such an enterprise, and with time it became sort of a custom, something to do any time a new port was reached. This way I found amazing places, in locations such as Bermuda, the Bahamas, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, New Jersey, New York, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, England, Ireland, Spain, Pennsylvania and some more that right now might be slipping out of my memory.

In this trip I will show you a few pictures of the stores I visited in my journey, saying stuff, sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but always with the intention of giving a hand to the weary traveler in search of these places of magic, weird decorations and funky smells. Of some of the stores I don’t even have pictures, but from now on, every time I go somewhere I make sure to bring my camera to avoid such a thing.

So, without further ado, grab your boots and backpacks and follow me on this journey through ‘Nerdvana’

Camelot comic store – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Corrientes 1388. Capital Federal.

Undoubtedly the better stocked store in Buenos Aires, also the most confusing one. This one it’s on a gallery a few blocks away from the iconic obelisk in down town Bs. As. Also available online.

The layout makes it kind of a labyrinth, there is a central spot to purchase stuff and plenty of show rooms scattered all over the place. Here the idea is to go around spotting stuff and then getting to the sales place to request whatever caught your eye.

This process can be a little weary, the place is extremely hot during the summer, and it gets very crowded, moving room becomes a sought out commodity, so does air. The staff is friendly enough and they seem to have knowledge of the stock, but I’m sure that when the people start piling up and things get hot they use the same verse we all use when we are getting overwhelmed: “I don’t have it right now, maybe tomorrow”

Millions of books, comics (Spanish and English), all the toys you can imagine (new and VERY old), tons of manga and anime subtitled in Spanish by local fansubs, clothing and apparel, music CD’s, plushes, statues, everything. They even have a show room just for star wars collectibles, including a full size Yoda and a Band player from the Mos Eisley cantina.

Prices are all right, with the same rule as before, be aware of the exchange rate before purchasing anything or you might get scared when paying.

If anything I will suggest to the owner to rethink the accommodations and give some more room to the sales floor, maybe move to a bigger locale that will help us costumers with room to move and see stuff and also when expediting product.

Make sure to stop by and say hi to Gerardo, the guy all the way in the back, behind the ‘police line’, he is the owner and believe me, he’s very friendly and will certainly appreciate your business.

Go now, it might be out of business soon!
Don´t say I didn´t warned ya!!!

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