Saturday, December 12, 2009

We support Indy Comic Book week.

For those of you who don’t know about this, the week of December 30th it’s going to be “Indy Comic Book Week”. This is organized by independent artist to help sales and fill the void that diamond will leave on such date.

Follow this link to learn more about this and the people involved in it. Here is also what this is all about in their own words.

“Indy Comic Book Week is not only an event but a call to action. Diamond Comic Distributors announced to comic shops that Diamond will not be shipping new comics for the last week of December. We challenge writers and artists to self publish new material for this week, and offer it to their local stores. We ask for retailers to take this as an opportunity to showcase local independent talent on the new release shelves. We encourage fans to break from their buying habits and try something new.”

We completely support this initiative at 3 Guys Making Comics, and we plan to offer ‘How to survive working in retail #1’ to any store willing to carry it in the States. To contact us write to or contact our sales rep Tony Shenton at

This is a great opportunity for independent creators all over the world to take their product and put it out there because diamond distributes comics all around the planet, so this emptiness will be all over. This is our time, take your books and talk with your local shops, spread the word and let’s make of this an annual event.

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