Saturday, December 5, 2009

The five stages.

Since I started this some new and interesting things have happened. I suddenly find myself very inspired and I’m coming up with a lot of new material that suits the web site. As I have already said, ‘Beaten & broken’ was originally intended as an original graphic novel, but the whole process of writing it its more complicated than I thought. Most of it comes from anecdotes and recollections as loose things, stories that happen within one or two pages. As a writer my job consist on coming up with a story that makes sense, and I have to weave all this little pieces into the bigger picture. I have everything mapped out, I know how it starts and when and how it ends, I just need to commit that to paper. But there is where the conflict begins, the artist wants to draw, but the writer doesn’t want to write. I also have 3 other projects that I’m currently working on, HTSWR of course and two more that I don’t feel at liberty to disclose just yet. All this keeps me very busy and the whole writing thing gets neglected. Still, this little things keep coming at me all the time, and I get excited and make them. Sometimes I wonder if they are gonna make it into the final draft of the book or not, maybe I will keep a few as online exclusive. I really don’t know yet, only one thing is certain…more to come.

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