Monday, November 30, 2009

El Angel Negro/The Black Angel.

This was the first comic I ever did in a semi professional manner. It was born in my room the summer before I moved to Montevideo, back in 1998. I worked the first issue all by myself, I wrote, drew, inked, lettered, I was standing there while it was being printed (offset, no Xeroxes), I collated it, creased, stapled, stacked and sell it. Then took it with me to the city and there it took a life on its own. It ran for five issues and at the very end we were 5 people working on it.

With it some exposure came along, all of a sudden we were being interviewed by newspapers, radio and TV, yup, for 15 minutes, we were famous. But I have to say that the best thing to ever come out of it was the amazing people I got to meet and had the enormous pleasure of working with. Some became really great friendships that still last till today, and for that I’m very grateful.

Since this was all 10 years ago I don’t have much of it with me right now. The only things I could find around were a bunch of sketches and thanks to my friend Martin back in Carmelo some scans for one of the issues. The style is very different from what I do today and some of it looks very weird to me now, but that always happens, we change as people, and with it our styles change too.

It is all in Spanish, so I’m sorry for the English speaking crowd, maybe one day they can be published in English as part of a retrospective work. Anyway, this is the complete #5 as it was published, all in pencil as part of an experiment to see how well my pencils reproduced in print. It is a vampire story and it’s self contained, I hope you can enjoy it for what it is, it’s all in the flickr link.

Finally I just want to thank the people involved in this particular issue, because of their help it was possible to make it, I will never be able to thank all of you enough.
My heart goes to: Matias Castro, Martin Ansin (one of my heroes), Aroldo, Alejandro Colucci, Daniel Argente, Daniel Guridi, Silvio Galizzi, Carlos Boquete and Jose Luis Banchero, who provided the paper all through the book’s run.

More to come.


Unknown said...

Hey asshole! Don´t forget about the chuby guy who help you with some stuff !!! Cheers from Carmelo, your home town. El Memo.-

MaGnUs said...

And don't forget the guy who was going to translate your scripts for Alan Grant... Que haces guacho? Dando señales de vida al fin, no sabia nada de vos!!!!

roy said...

Qué recuerdos, yo era gran fan del Ángel Negro!

saludos y suerte con los nuevos proyectos!