Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Li´l Ahsoka.

Hello all. I just felt like giving up some news. I´m currently working in two great things, firts of, a new story for my friends at Hadron Colliderscope with the Uber talented writer mister Geoff Wessel (everybody please stand up and clap!). A very exciting story involving aliens, humans, ships and all that good stuff. I´m also pleased to tell you that the script for HTSWR #8 has been delivered and corrected and it´s ready to go into production (which means, drawing it) and it´s a very funny yet a bit dark story. I love and I´m sure all our faithfull readers will love it too. And because I´m back at the drawing table I´ve taking on making little sketches on the side of the board, just to release some pressure when the page gets a bit congested. With all that said I leave you a little version of Ahsoka Tano, Anakin´s padawan in the Clone Wars cartoon. I´m a HUGE Star Wars buff, yup, even of that timeline altering cartoon. Anyway...more to come.

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