Saturday, January 28, 2012

Here´s another thing that no one cares about

I keep answering questions that nodoby bother to ask me.
I´m sure this subject has kept all of you awake at night. I know you are all asking yourselves:

There you go, now you can all die in peace. Fucken A!


Jesse said...

I was wondering this, but I thought this was the case since last year. Too bad, it was a fun indie comic that I loved picking up and would like to recommend to my friends. Good luck!!!

Lisandro Di Pasquale said...

Hey, we´re not dead. We´re just getting things ready for a spectacular come back! You know, life has a tendency of getting in the way, but we´ll get there. We really love doing the book. And it´s always good to hear that you guys miss us in the stores. Thanks for the support!

Lisandro Di Pasquale said...

Hey, what the heck man? Don´t go around posting bloody spam as comments. I´ll delete those.

Lisandro Di Pasquale said...

There's no doubt about it kevin21, you're a considerable retard.