Sunday, November 6, 2011

The book about JIM LEE is ready.

Very well, the book on Jim Lee’s work is finished and one thing I neglected to mention earlier is that is all in English. Don’t ask me why, my head it’s just wired to think in English, so everything comes easier that way.

All corrections have been made, so keep this in mind, if you spot something wrong now, you can’t imagine how it looked before. Thing is; I always seem to miss some words while I’m writing them, and those mistakes or typos are corrected by whoever is making the work of a proof reader. In this case I didn’t have one, so I had to actually wait until I saw a printed copy to spot all the things that went awry. I also changed its name to Jim Lee: a sketchbook project for two reasons; a) because it really was just a project, and b) to make it sound less pretentious (some idiot tries to tell me that everything I do it´s incredibly pretentious, while all he does is sit down and scratch his sorry ass…dick).

There were a lot of images that needed to be replaced because the program doesn’t save the actual image on the project, so if you move either the working file or the image that link gets broken, which leaves you with a faulty image and when you print it, it looks like shit. This program (Quarkxpress) it’s pretty easy to use, but there is only so much you can do when all the reference you have next to you is the manual. Sometimes I had to make things time and time again to achieve what I was going for, try that for “trial & error”.

I have to say that coming up with a whole book it’s not an easy task, especially when you are doing it without previous knowledge, I couldn’t figure out how to number the pages for instance, or how to wrap text around some images, but hey, I did the best my limited knowledge allowed me to.

For the future book I’m working on I hope to count with the assistance of a proper designer, I have the whole look for it right in my head, but I don’t want to risk it. Hopefully I will be working with a publisher and the right people to do what I can’t do for myself. This next project has me really excited about it, work it’s already in progress and seems to be having a very positive response from those involved in it. This Jim Lee book was completed from conception to last edit in about two weeks, I’m certain that because we have a lot more time to work on it the next one will be simply awesome.

Now my dear friends, feel free to get this book from HERE, but remember: whatever you do with it it’s you own responsibility, it was never intended for sale, you can print it, you can share it, all I ask for is credit where credit is due and for you to keep me out of trouble.

Thanks to all for their kind words in Facebook and the support of anyone involved in one way or another. There are BIG THINGS in the works for 2012 (if the end of the world allows them to happen) so stay tuned. Like I always say…more to come.

P.S: there’s one thing that is missing, and that is a dedication, so here goes a palliative:

“I always pictured dedicating my first book to my kids and my beloved wife for all their love and support. Since I don’t have neither of them I plan to save that dedication for the future. Right now I feel that dedicating something like this to someone who doesn’t appreciate comics in the least will be a waste of space and time, so It won’t be dedicated to my mum either. But I will thank her for the mates she gave me while I was working… gracias vieja.”

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