Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Make way for HTSWR #7.

Good news on the horizon. 3 Guys Making Comics are getting ready for the 2011 edition of New York comic-con and to make it a really sweet deal we are releasing the new issue of HOW TO SURVIVE WORKING IN RETAIL, Number 7!

It´s been a while since the book hit the shelves last March but things got really complicated for all of us, and since we have no back up from anyone life outside of comics comes first. But now the book it´s on the final stages of production and we are already working hard on the last issues of this first story arc that will conclude on issue 10.

Currently issue 1 it´s like on its SEVENTH print and like all the other issues it´s available in the states from COAST TO COAST and online on multiple places. We are also revamping the 3GMC website and don´t forget you can also follow us on Facebook. We are pushing hard to keep this baby of ours in the shelves and we really appreciate all the comments and all the fans we´ve been gathering all through this year. All the people have been extremelly kind when they talk about the look of the book and my art.

Thanks a bunch for that, I will continue to improve as I keep drawing, and that is because you are all there. THANKS.

Here´s also a nice pic from the store DEWEY´S in Madison NJ, if you see the book and want to shoot us a pic of the display or of yourself with it we will post it on the website and in FB.

Stay tunned, there are a lot of exciting things comming up in the near future.

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