Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea máxima culpa.

When I´m working on something I always try to stay on top of my own game. I assume a lot of responsabilities and I never hesítate when I need to point a finger at somebody because they are not doing their job.
This might be a virtue to some and a serious flaw to others. Choose your side, I really don´t care.

Still, in the past, whenever “HOW TO SURVIVE WORKING IN RETAIL” has been forced to suffer some kind of delay it has been always because either Ronnie (writer/creator) and/or myself (artista/editor/co-creator) have been too busy living our life outside of comics.

You know, the one that pays the bills.

Throw into that concoction some work, family, personal tragedies, a relentless weather and what not and you´ll end up with a modest comic book (that turns out to be pretty ambitious BTW!) coming out without a regular Schedule and whenever its authors can pull an issue out of their collective ass.

This is the case for HTSWR #7. It´s been a while since #6 came out, and it seems that its going to take a bit longer before it can see daylight.
But I just want to make sure y´all know, this it´s all because of me. This time around it´s nobody´s fault but mine.

Trying to avoid coming up with silly excuses I just want to paint you a picture of what my life has become.

I´m working two jobs, one of them six days a week from midnight till 8 a.m. The other one just before going to the first one on the weekends. I´m also studying to become an English teacher and between clases and the mid term exams I´m really swimming in shit.

I´m also developing a project for a new graphic novel along a very talented writer from Uruguay that is pending approval. I commited myself in a long term Project for an icomic and I keep doing work for my good friends at Hadron Colliderscope whenever I have the chance.

I also happen to be in the middle of an unforgiving Winter in a house with no central heat. For you to have a beeter idea, when I sit at the drawing table ready to draw, the paper it´s so cold that it freezes my hands.
Now don´t get me wrong. I don´t want anyone to feel sorry for me (I take care of that just fine), I just want people to understand the reasons behind this issue´s lateness.

The book is completely drawn. All the pages are done in pencil and I started with the inking. I do what I can whenever I have the time. That´s the truth, plain and simple.
In the mean time 3 GUYS MAKING COMICS it´s growing up big time, too much for such a small company in fact. The book is getting terrific reviews and praise from pros and readers alike. They see the same potential in it that we saw back in the table of a dinner almost two years ago when all the planning started.

We are working on the digital versión of the book for ipad and android. We are remodeling the website to be completely new and we are also working in an upcoming Graphic Novel collecting all the issues of the series so far. Conventions are coming and going and we try to be present in as many as we can.

We do appreciate your support and pratronage, especially me. I´ve been told time and time again how much you folks like and enjoy the art. Thanks very much for that, really, I mean it. That means the world to me.

Besides, hey, DC and MARVEL are getting late with almost all their books, right?
Look at THE DARK NIGHT, AVENGERS: THE CHILDRENS CRUSADE, BATMAN Inc. BATMAN AND ROBIN, DEADPOOL MAX, BATWOMAN and maybe a few more that I can´t remember right now. They are the BIG ones and can´t keep a Schedule. How can we?
LOL, anyway. I hope to have shed some light in this matter. Not that it is a big problema in the world right now, it´s just that is a big thing for us, because this book is our Little baby. And its all a labor of love.

Our love for comics.

More to come.


Mariana Fossatti said...

¿Nunca pensaron en presentar esto en Es una forma de reunir fondos de amigos y seguidores para concretar proyectos. Está bueno y a mucha gente le funciona.

Lisandro Di Pasquale said...

yo creo que si, pero son mis socios los que no me dieron bola. algo de eso vi por ahí y tiré la idea, pero nunca supe en que quedó.

MaGnUs said...

Dale para adelante, Lisandro.