Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More comics

Hello chums!

As I write this lines down I have this very page sitting in my lap as I work on it. This is going to be a one pager done with my very good friend Lord Magnus. I don´t know where it is gonna end up, but I´m just thrilled about working with him.

I´m also starting the actual work on HTSWR #7 (seven issues, can you believe it?) and will have something to show very soon.

Let´s keep them coming!!!


MaGnUs said...

I've just gotten the final art and it looks GREAT. This should be available for Montevideo Comics 2011, so keep your eyes out for it.

*goes back to lettering the page, feeling guilty about putting word balloons on Lisandro's great's art*

MaGnUs said...

(Also, I had to check if he spells it "Di Pasquale" or "di Pasquale"... :)