Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dusting off the portfolio.

In this particular ocation I want to show you a page of a work that has been locked away for over a year and a half. This is a project for a comic book we are doing with two writers. The process of selling a book it’s long and painful, it gets very complicated and can take forever, even if you have somebody on the inside capable of pulling some strings for you.

Anyway, the thing is that in order for you to sell the book you need to have something to show to the editor, with this in mind I did the whole first issue and the writers plotted out the first arc of the series.

Even though these pages are a bit old (couple years now) there are a few things I’m really proud of. This page is one of those cases.

The point now is to show you a little of what I do and to show the world that not everything relies on photoshop these days.

Here you have the penciled page and right under it the actual painting.

On the center of the page you will notice a character staring at a painting, the situation happens in a museum, and even that I didn’t know if this particular piece it’s exhibited in this particular museum I just used it because I felt it encapsulated the idea we wanted to transmit. The painting in question is called Morte di Giulio Cesare ("Death of Julius Caesar", 1798) by Vincenzo Camuccini and I found it via Google.

Whenever I’m doing something I look up for lots and lots of reference for everything, from utensils to cars, clothing, shoes, guns and in this case a painting. So I found this and when I worked my way around the page I was confronted with the decision of putting the painting digitally in post-production or drawing it myself on the actual board.

I’m the kind of person who don’t like to see empty spots on the board, also, because this was supposed to be used to sell the book I decided to take the long road and stretch my muscles to show up a little bit more of my range as an artist. So I drew it.

Maybe If the book ever goes to production it will be better to replace the drawing with the painting once all the pages are colored and all, only time will tell.

Until then I leave you with this peek at the inner workings of my mind.
More to come.

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