Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stores Around the World #5

El Rincon del Coleccionista – Montevideo, Uruguay.
Uruguay (corner of Convencion)

With different needs you need different stores. Since the market in Montevideo seems to be very fragmented there is a place for Toys, another for super heroes and another one for European books. This is the ultimate niche for European non-super hero comic books.

One thing it’s true, it can be a little confusing to get there if you are not familiar with the store. It is located on a first floor on top of a corner nut the entrance it’s located a few meters to the side. On the street level it doesn’t say anything to indicate the existence of such a place in the confines of the building, all you will have its an address (maybe a picture) and a flight of stairs. You’ll have to go boldly go upstairs to gain access to the place, then walk all the way to the end until you find the door with the sign. Then you’ll be safe.

Inside it is beautiful, it’s very neat and organized and you have a lot of things to look for. There are European albums all over the place, a bin with cheap deals, a section with the classics from the great artists of the medium (Crumb, Frazzeta, etc), some original pieces of art work hanging for decoration and a very healthy section of Uruguayan comics (no Black Angel though, sold out). Here, like pretty much all over the area most of the material it’s in Spanish, maybe you can find one or two in English buried somewhere. Most of the material they carry it’s from the Spanish publisher NORMA, who happens to publish most of the European albums and some American books as well.

There is no merchandising here either, that has been reserved for a little boutique store located over 18 de Julio street called “Montevideo Massacre”. Here you will find a few things but I’m pretty sure that they are just for show.

This is an amazing place to go and hang out, when the people shows up there is a lot to talk about, comics, books, movies, all with the friendly touch of the owner himself, always ready to engage you in long conversations about the situation and the product. His name is Gabriel Mainero, just make sure to go with some time to spare (and with some money too!).

Note: if you go from the Americas you might notice that the prices in Montevideo are a little high, just be aware of the exchange rate and don’t think that they are robbing you. Most of the material here it’s priced after the retail price you might find back home, always inquire about the price of an item to avoid confusion.

Bonus track:
Montevideo massacre.
18 de Julio y yaguaron – Galleria del Virrey

This is a very small store close to the city hall. They have collectibles, and for the looks of it they are the only ones to do so. Here you will find some action figures from Neca, sideshow and maybe another vendor. They also have movies and collections of TV shows. It’s not bad for a little boutique, although the space it’s very tight. A stop only if you are into toys and that stuff.

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